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Everything we do at DS Music is focused on teaching the language of music and ensuring a scaffolded and sequential foundation in music literacy for all students. There are a variety of resources designed to teach concepts, strengthen skills and consolidate understanding – everything you need for all learning and teaching contexts.

In addition to the workbooks and online courses, students and their teachers have access to teaching and practice videos, mp3 (audio) files, information sheets and worksheets, lesson plans and curriculum documents. The digital resources, online courses and interactive material is perfect for ready-made revision, remote learning or as a refresh and refine tool in particular concepts.

Learn the language of music in this step-by-step and structured way in order to build the skills you need to be better musicians, no matter your instrument, entry-point or pathway. Check out the DSMusic content and Middle Secondary Resources below.

Musicianship & Aural Training for the Secondary School Level 1 (2nd Edition) 

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Own the level 2 (Middle Secondary) 2nd Ed. teacher book? Scroll down to access the digital resources to the level 2 (Middle Secondary) 2nd Ed. teacher book. (Click here to purchase this product or click here to register this book and gain access to these amazing resources!)

Music Language Online Course – Musicianship Module (2021)

Digital Access – Purchase/View in Store


Decoding Sound: Music Analysis for the Secondary School (1st Edition) (2019)

Print + Digital Bundle – Purchase/View in Store

Digital Version – Purchase/View in Store



Music Language Online Course – Analysis Module (2021)

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Video resources

DSMusic YouTube Channel

New Games for the Secondary School Music Class


    3 Metre Game

    Blow the Man Down

    Don’t Go So Low

    Give Me a Hut



    One Rainy Night

    Rhythm Bingo
    Click on the above link to download a set of 30 rhythm bingo cards practicing ta, ti-ti and za + blank card, master list of rhythms and playing instructions.

    Rumanian Foldance – in 7/8!!!

    The Lime Juice Tub

    Vegetarian Bear/The Emperor’s New Clothes



    Rhythm Practice Ideas

    A list of more than 30 ways of practicing rhythm for the older beginner.

    Melody Practice Ideas 
    A list of more than 30 ways of practicing melody for the older beginner.

    Clever Echo Rhythm Demonstration



    Facebook Resources


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    Digital Resources – Level 2 (Middle Secondary)

    Welcome to the collection of Digital Resources for our Musicianship & Aural Training for the Secondary School – Level 2 2nd Edition, Teacher books!

    Did you know you can  email Deb for the word versions of any of the PDF documents found below and in the other book’s “Digital Resources” areas?


    Preparation Lessons




    All Songs, Canons and Games






    IWB/Sibelius Activity


    Supplementary Worksheets




    Written and Aural Tests


    Right click the links and click “Save link as” to download a .zip file containing the student tests and the teacher answer sheets, in PDF format. If you would like these tests in word format please email us.

    Aural Test 1

    Aural Test 2

    Aural Test 3

    Aural Test 4

    Written Test 1

    Written Test 2

    Written Test 3

    Written Test 4

    Other Materials