Teach, learn and practice the language of music from anywhere!
Designed to accompany the Musicianship & Aural Training flagship series, there are countless teaching, tutorial and practice videos available from DSMusic – one for every concept. That means, no matter whether you’re interested in minor triads, Major scales or cadences, you’ll find DSMusic has everything you need. 

There are literally hundreds of videos that take you through concepts in a step-by-step and sequential way, with examples and opportunities for practice. In addition, there are a growing number of mini-musicianship and mini-analysis videos which are terrific bite-sized ways to strengthen your skills in those specific areas. 

Here’s an example of a great video from Musicianship & Aural Training Level 1, which builds foundational knowledge in the concepts of rhythm and beat. 

For an idea of the way the Musicianship & Aural Training Level 3 approach works, check out these two videos – one that teaches a concept and the other that practices it. 

Keen for short video exercises that can be set for study, revision or when leaving extras? Find examples of these below.

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