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Whether you’re a music student seeking some support or a teacher/school after some professional development, DSMusic has everything you need. You can arrange some special tutoring, set up a time to chat through the teaching approach or let Deb know what resources would best support you. Find out more below. 

Are you an Upper Secondary student looking to upgrade your Musicianship & Aural Training Level Three from Standard to Elite? Learn more about why you should and how easy it is to do here.

School Visits – Teacher Professional Development
Deb is available to visit your school and can work with music staff to help teach a particular level in the Musicianship & Aural Training for the Secondary School series. This includes Lower Secondary, Middle Secondary and Upper Secondary.

School visits are tailored to the needs of the teacher and can include:

School Visits – Student Groups
Deb is also available to work “hands on” with your students at the start of the year (or a particular unit) to improve their musicianship skills and give them everything they need to succeed — or at the end of the year to help them prepare for exams.

Deb loves helping music teachers and music students, so if you’ve got a question, get in touch now!

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