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Music Language Online Course – Analysis Module


Just like private tutoring with Deb – only better! 

Online/Self-Directed Music Language Course for Performance Analysis
Supports, and works alongside Decoding Sound: Music Analysis for the Secondary School

This course includes:

  • 8 x Teaching Videos: 1 for the Expressive Outcome and 1 for each of the Expressive Elements of Music: Tempo; Tone Colour; Dynamics; Articulation; Phrasing; Texture: Balance & Blend; Ornamentation/Embellishment/Improvisation;
  • 1 x Course Handbook with detailed explanations, questions and information;
  • 1 x Sample Answers document with sample answers for every question covered in each Teaching Video;
  • 1 x Analysis FAQs document with frequently asked questions about the Expressive Outcome and the Expressive Elements of Music;
  • Downloadable Analysis Charts;
  • 9 Analysis-Themed Kahoot Quizzes;
  • Regular emails from Deb supporting your progress through the course.

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2021 DSM Music Language Online Course

Everything you need in order to speak the language of music fluently!

The Music Language Online Course – Analysis Module covers a variety of concepts. You do this step-by-step with Deb – unpacking the fundamentals, applying the skills and learning strategies for further practice. Everything moves in sequence, little by little, to make sure you really KNOW all about Analysis. 

Concepts covered include:

  • Expressive Outcomes in Performance; build your word lists and hone your skills in settling on character, feel, atmosphere or mood of the piece of music.
  • Expressive Elements in Performance; join Deb for a deep dive into all the stuff that impacts whether the music conveys aggression, humour or melancholy. This will include: tempo, tone colour, dynamics, articulation, texture (suss out the difference between balance and blend!), phrasing, ornamentation/embellishment and improvisation. 

What is MLOCA?

You can do this Online Course in your own time. Work through the material at a pace that suits you, watch and re-watch the Teaching Videos as much as you need and use the Concept Handbook to steadily build your understanding. Connect with other Online Course participants to support one another, ask questions and progress together. 

Even though you’ll have the freedom to decide when you unlock the mysteries of analysis, Deb won’t leave you on your own. You’ll hear from her regularly – checking in on your progress and keeping you on track. Don’t forget, too – you can always reach her via email if you’re stuck.

Who is MLOCA for?

If you’re learning or teaching in a senior music classroom, or you simply would like to be a better, more engaging performer, this course will take care of everything that isn’t aural, theory or performance and aligns perfectly with Decoding Sound: Music Analysis for the Secondary School. This is a must-have text in order to get the most out of the course. 

Whether you need a refresher in analysis, a comprehensive guide on expressive elements or some ready-made revision for discussing and describing, we’ve got you sorted. Additionally, the great news with this Online Course being largely self-directed is that you can start at any time. If completing VCE Music Performance (or equivalent) though, we recommend you get on board as soon as possible so you’re ready to tackle your exams.

What does MLOCA offer?

With 8 comprehensive Teaching Videos, an Analysis Handbook, downloadable resources, creative Kahoots, support emails and much, much more, the 2021 DSM Music Language Online Course – Analysis Module is your teaching and learning solution for all things Performance Analysis!

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Access to course materials expires 730 days (2 years) after activation of the Digital Product Key.

How to use the MLOC Analysis Course:

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