Decoding Sound: Music Analysis for the Secondary School


Available to purchase from the DSMusic website from May 27, 2019

The definitive text book for music performance analysis

Decoding Sound: Music Analysis for the Secondary School is a brand new eBook and a simplified and engaging approach to music performance analysis.

  • Interactive eBook with audio links to all music examples
  • Structured in a clear, logical, progressive and simplified way
  • Include FREE access to Decoding Sound Digital Resources Library

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Decoding Sound Digital Resources Library
FREE with purchase of eBook
As an introductory offer, Decoding Sound (1st Edition) eBook will include FREE access to the Decoding Sound Digital Resources Library on the DSMusic website (available from July 2019). Includes sample answers for all questions in the book, downloadable and printable templates of answering charts and tables, and much more!

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      • The Elements of Music
      • Expressive Outcome
      • The Elements in Depth
      • Question Answering Techniques
      • Focus on Comparison
      • Practice Questions
      • Appendices – Word lists for the elements and the expressive outcome

Each chapter includes

  • Definitions of terms
  • Discussion of concepts and their application in music performance
  • Detailed analysis examples and fully written out sample answers
  • "Your Turn" activities after every example to build confidence and question answering skills


Sample pages: