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Musicianship & Aural Training for the Secondary School is a uniquely comprehensive set of music education resources for teaching music literacy, musicianship, theory and aural skills for Years 7 to 12.

Our resources are designed to teach your students the language of music (music literacy) in a rich, sequential, developmental and engaging way, using music education tools such as movable do solfa, rhythm (time) names and many other innovative music teaching ideas.

We’ve taken the stress out of planning, with all the work done for you. With 100s of activities, games, worksheets, lesson plans, assessment and CDs, you can concentrate on having fun delivering your program and engaging your students in the language of music.

The student and teacher books are easy to use, can be adapted to any classroom music program, and include material suitable for all class types and abilities. In addition to the workbooks, students have access to online listening activities, videos and practice exams. Year 11 and 12/VCE students (and their teachers) can also complete online study courses either in their own time or within their class program.

We provide teachers with ongoing support and advice in using the books and we offer school visits, music teacher professional development and workshops for music students. We also offer a huge range of FREE resources along with online courses such as our Introductory 10 Week Solfa Course and the VMPC (VCE Musicianship Preparation Course).


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Just a quick note to say congratulations on the new Level 3 textbooks. I think are simply fantastic. The interactive PDF is a godsend! No more messing around with CD players and less finding additional resources to support students. I can bring one device (my laptop) to class and everything is there. It also makes setting homework for students a lot easier. The online (linked in the PDFs of the teacher and Elite student books) resources are fantastic! When I add them to the resources I have already put together for the class, my aural and theory sections of Outcome 3 are pretty much set for the two years. In addition, the structure of the contents pages, along with all the curriculum documents on the website and the support from Deb, has made planning a breeze.

Mr Richard Linton, Music Teacher, Penola Catholic College

Out of all the texts I use to teach theory and aural studies, Deb Smith’s books are the most dog eared, scuffed and written over. This is because hardly a day passes without my using them. They have all the examples I need and have rendered the photocopier nearly useless. I can't recommend these books highly enough

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