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Here you can find a complete range of text books and CDs designed to teach secondary school (high school and upper primary school) students the language of music in a clear, sequential and concise way that keeps students engaged throughout every lesson.

These text books cover a broad curriculum, teaching the theoretical, academic and aural concepts necessary for a complete secondary school music education.

Designed around the pedagogical principles of Kodály Music Education, using tonic solfege, hand signs, rhythm (time) names and much more, this series of books and CDs can be used to support any music education method.

Each book follows a sound developmental approach, beginning with simple concepts such as beat, pitch and rhythm before gradually moving to more complex theory exercises, melodic and rhythmic transcription tasks and harmonic progressions.

Use the links above to discover more about these fantastic teaching resources.

You can also find out what events and workshops, for students and teachers, Deborah is running and how she can further help you and your students at your school or institution.

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What's New

Lean Forward!

Just a quick post from me today (am in the middle of writing the 2nd Edition of the Level 3 books, CDs etc ready for 2017!) I came across this action song when my daughter sang it ALL the way home in the car (it’s an hour drive!!!) I can’t find the source or where […]

Practicing Transcriptions

It’s not as easy as you think! When we do a transcription exercise with our students in class that is exactly what we are practicing – the process of TRANSCRIPTION! Yes of course we do have to learn and practice that process but it is learning and practicing the content of the transcription exercise that […]

My Tasmanian Adventure

  A couple of weeks ago I was one of the key note presenters at the ASME (Tasmanian branch or “TASME” as it’s affectionately known) conference, held at Scotch College Oakburn in Launceston. Having never been a key note speaker before and having never visited Launceston either I was VERY excited (and just a tad […]

Upcoming Events

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