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Musicianship & Aural Training for the Secondary School is a uniquely comprehensive set of music education resources for teaching music literacy, musicianship, theory and aural skills for Years 7 to 12. Using many of the great tools and concepts from a Kodály music education program plus other teaching and learning techniques developed over years in secondary music classrooms around Australia, Deb has created a system of music education suitable for any secondary music classroom regardless of teacher and student background, prior music education (if any) and socioeconomic situation.

Our resources are designed to teach your students the music language and literacy in a rich, sequential, developmental and engaging way, using music education tools such as movable do solfa, rhythm (time) names and many other innovative techniques.

We’ve taken the stress out of planning, with all the work done for you.

With 100s of activities, games, worksheets, lesson plans, assessment tasks and audio files, you can concentrate on delivering your program and engaging your students in the language of music while knowing that you are teaching a fully sequential, skills based music education program.

Suitable and adaptable for all class types and abilities

The student and teacher books are easy to use, can be adapted to any classroom music program, and include material suitable for all class types and abilities. In addition to the workbooks, students have access to online listening activities, videos and practice exams.

Our free resources and online courses provide a rich source of flexible learning opportunities

We also offer a huge range of FREE resources along with online courses such as our Introductory 10 Weeks of Solfa and VMPC (VCE Musicianship Preparation Course). Year 11 and 12/VCE students, and their teachers, can complete these courses in their own time or within their class program.

We’re here to support you and your students

We provide teachers with ongoing support and advice in using the books and we offer school visits, music teacher professional development and workshops for music students and teachers.


2019 VCE Music Performance Workshop Outcome 3 - Music Language: Theory, Aural & Analysis

What you need to know & everything you need to succeed! Deborah Smith, educator, musician and author of the highly successful Musicianship & Aural Training for the Secondary School text book series and online resources, presents an interactive workshop for students studying VCE Music Performance (Units 1 to 4).

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aMuse VCE Conference - Less than two weeks away!

Don't forget to book for our presentations at the aMuse VCE Music Teachers' Conference on Feb 24. A great opportunity to find out how we can help your students achieve successful outcomes in 2019.

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The 2018 brochure from Deborah Smith Music

The Complete Classroom Music Program for the Secondary School All the resources and support you need to teach music literacy, aural training, musicianship, theory, analysis & composition for Years 7-12

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New DSMusic "How to" video: How to register your book

Have you registered your Musicianship & Aural Training book yet? Here's a step by step guide to accessing all the amazing digital and online resources you can use with your book.

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It's out! The VCAA 2018 VCE Music Performance Aural and Written examination report

Advice to VCE Music performance students and teachers based on last year's Aural and Written examination - includes answers.

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FOUR complete Practice Exams now available for Unit 4 VCE Music Performance.

Have your students done ALL four?

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"Thank you so much for your support getting set up and using the complete Musicianship and Aural Training textbooks. The texts are the complete package that fully integrate all of the music language skills required at our school. Not only are the books a significant wealth of knowledge, the online material is used regularly to support differentiation within my classroom."

Dean Gourley, Music Director, Albert Park College

"Just a quick note to say congratulations on the new Level 3 textbooks. I think are simply fantastic. The interactive PDF is a godsend! No more messing around with CD players and less finding additional resources to support students. I can bring one device (my laptop) to class and everything is there. It also makes setting homework for students a lot easier."