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DSMusic has LITERALLY EVERYTHING for the classroom - music literacy, aural training, musicianship, theory, visual & aural analysis, group instrumental work, composition, music performance analysis and music technology applications.

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Adaptable across year levels and abilities, this classroom-ready content is your complete music curriculum solution

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Why should you use DSMusic content in your classroom?

DS Music is focused on ensuring a scaffolded and sequential foundation in music literacy for all students. We've created material that any teacher can use to achieve this, supporting students to learn the language of music, tick off their assessment tasks and become better musicians.

Short on planning time and need an interactive and accessible option?

Access multiple-level-spanning resources across every conceivable concept area in the Music Teacher’s Digital Library (MTDL) and save your favourites in the lesson planning hub. Use the hundreds of teaching videos, PDFs, audio files, practice activities, strategy documents, songs, canons and games to transform your teaching - it’s self-directed and simple to use.

Muscle up musicianship!

Want to really know? Then this self-directed, engaging musicianship boot-camp, covering all significant music concepts, is for you! Whether you’re a senior school/university student seeking support for music literacy requirements or a teacher keen to top-up your own musicianship and scaffold strong music literacy for your classes, this is your online course solution.

Keen to connect music analysis with music performance in a meaningful way?

Listening analytically to music performed by others can give us considerable insight into what makes a great musician. Learn about how the elements can be manipulated through interactive content that provides definitions, detailed discussions and music analysis activities and sample answers.

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Discover the ways DSMusic can support you to set a strong teaching and learning foundation.

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Teaching electives or building a pathway to senior music? We've got everything you need.

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Access material that teaches, revises and assesses at the advanced senior music level.

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