Lower Secondary Resources

New in March 2020 – for ALL Lower Secondary Classroom Music Teachers:

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Video resources

DSMusic YouTube Channel

New Games for the Secondary School Music Class


    3 Metre Game

    Blow the Man Down

    Don’t Go So Low

    Give Me a Hut



    One Rainy Night

    Rhythm Bingo
    Click on the above link to download a set of 30 rhythm bingo cards practicing ta, ti-ti and za + blank card, master list of rhythms and playing instructions.

    Rumanian Foldance – in 7/8!!!

    The Lime Juice Tub

    Vegetarian Bear/The Emperor’s New Clothes



    Rhythm Practice Ideas

    A list of more than 30 ways of practicing rhythm for the older beginner.

    Melody Practice Ideas 
    A list of more than 30 ways of practicing melody for the older beginner.

    Clever Echo Rhythm Demonstration



    Facebook Resources