DSMusic – Remote Learning for All!

DSMusic – Remote Learning for All!

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Are you looking for material that is ready-made for remote-learning?

Do you need some stuff to stash away to leave as extras or send off to students who are home sick from school?

Perhaps what you’re after is some go-to revision, extension or support material for students across their learning pathway?

For all of you amazing teachers out there keen on delivering a fun, rigorous, sequential and developmental music literacy program online – I am here to help in any way I can!

This includes interactive PDFs, MP3s for Dictations, teaching and practice videos across analysis and musicianship concepts, virtual VCE resource packs (full of content) and standalone online courses!

Why go digital with DSMusic?

All DIGITAL versions of the Musicianship & Aural Training series student books, as well as Decoding Sound are available to booklist (when you’ve got the time to plan that far) or buy (when you need something ASAP).

Viewable on any device, these PDFs are also cheaper than their print counterparts and are more environmentally friendly, which is useful if you’re a paper-free school. As an added bonus — no more worrying about students forgetting to bring their book with them, as the PDFs are always accessible once registered in the relevant DSMusic account. This goes for the MP3s for Dictations too!

Plus — Musicianship & Aural Training Level One comes complete with access to Lessons 1-16 as individual online versions. These include clickable links, which makes them ideal when you’re not sure if a fellow music teacher is going to be the one covering your class!

Ways DSMusic digital can deliver!

The Musicianship & Aural Training (MAAT) for the Secondary School Level Three content spans Unit 1-4 (so it lasts two years!), covers all concepts, scaffolds sequential music literacy skills and gets students revising and ready for exam day.

The Elite Student version is fully interactive, meaning that all supplementary worksheets, information sheets, audio and teaching/practice content is hyperlinked directly from the PDF.

There are also a variety of practice materials further to this for making musicianship mobile! The Music Language Online Course – Musicianship Module (MLOCM) makes sure they can practice and strengthen what they’ve learned to keep them knowing long after they leave your classroom. Then there’s the VCE Resource Packs, one for Music Language and one for Analysis, which will get students exam-ready whether they’re able to physically attend your class or not!

DSMusic has everything you need to digitally decode character, comparison, tempo, articulation, tone colour and more!

Decoding Sound: Analysis for the Secondary School and the Music Language Online Course – Analysis Module (MLOCA) are fully interactive ways for students to build word lists and unpack interpretation as they watch, listen, learn and become better performers.

Decoding Sound also comes with online sample answers for all questions in the book, so students can self-monitor their understanding of the concepts away from you, if needed.

DSMusic to the rescue!

It’s not just the students who get access to lots of great digital content to make their learning easier if they’re stuck at home. The Teacher packs for the Musicianship & Aural Training (MAAT) for the Secondary School Level Series includes a bunch of handy planning material, assignments, extra activities and full digital resource libraries.

You can purchase a wide range of practice exams/SACs across Unit 1-4 and some additional exam preparation material in the form of Theory & Aural Practice and more. Get the ready-made resources you need now!


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