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Musicianship & Aural Training for the Secondary School Level One (2nd Edition)

The Complete Classroom Music Program for the Secondary School

  • The Level One student and teacher books have been written to provide a broad, thorough and sequential music curriculum for Year 7 and 8 students (or any older beginner);
  • Uses rigorous scaffolding of the concepts, skills and knowledge required for a thorough knowledge of the language of music;
  • Provides a solid foundation upon which further, more advanced, music education knowledge can be built

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Available as:

Student Print + PDF Bundle: RRP: $19.95     ISBN: 978-0-9775597-6-3

Student PDF : RRP: $15.95     ISBN: 978-0-6480793-4-7

Teacher Print + PDF Bundle: Includes access to Level 1 Digital Resources (until 31/12/2020):    RRP: $99.95     ISBN: 978-0-9775597-7-0

Teacher PDF: Includes access to Level 1 Digital Resources (until 31/12/2020):    RRP: $75.95     ISBN: 978-0-6480793-5-4

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The Level One Student Book includes:
  • a print copy and/or a PDF that can be downloaded via the website;
  • 44 written lessons covering musical concepts from beat and pitch through to Major and minor scales. Each lesson includes a worksheet with over 170 theory questions and aural dictation exercises arranged in a sequential order according to level of difficulty;
  • 11 revision lessons – each designed to be set every four lessons (suitable for assessment or homework if required);
  • 8 guided listening analysis lessons based on excerpts chosen from well-known orchestral art music repertoire. Teacher book includes all audio and video links to the works and information required;
  • puzzles, glossary, supplementary worksheets and a great range of appendices are designed to support the main sections of the texts;
  • reasonably priced (suitable for student textbook list).


The Level One Teacher Book includes:
  • a print copy and/or a PDF that can be downloaded via the website;
  • access to the HUGE Level 1 Teacher Digital Resources Library (until 31/12/2020). See below for further information;
  • ALL pages from the student book (with easy to use same page numbering system) and answers to all the questions in the student book;
  • an extensive information section at the start providing suggestions, advice, lesson plan outlines etc to help you set up your full curriculum easily;
  • each of the 44 lessons in the student book has two pages of “Teacher Activities” to support it. These pages include suggested canons, games, rhythmic and melodic activities, listening activities, activities for use with instruments and IWB/Sibelius activities to help you bring technology into the classroom in a meaningful way;
You never need plan again!


The Level 1 Teacher Digital Resources includes:
  • a video for EVERY teaching concept in the book;
  • all song, canon and game material referred to in the Student and Teacher Books;
  • Creative and Research Assignment tasks (1 per term) including suggested extension activities for students with advanced musical knowledge;
  • Written and aural tests (1 per semester) suitable for formal assessment purposes if required;
  • All IWB (Interactive Whiteboard)/Sibelius activities referred to in the Teacher Book are set up as worksheets to save you valuable time and effort preparing these for each lesson;
  • All links for audio and video examples of the listening excerpts;
  • Curriculum and assessment documents for planning and reporting

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Sample Pages:


Contents – Student Book

Teacher Information – Teacher Book

Lessons and Lesson Activities – Teacher and Student Books

Revision Lessons – Teacher and Student Books

Listening – Teacher and Student Books

Puzzles – Student Book

Supplementary Lessons – Student Book

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