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VCE Music Analysis Resource Pack


This VCE Music Analysis Resource Pack gives immediate access to:

  • FOUR video recordings of the Presentation/Lecture from the 2022 VCE Music Performance Workshop 2 (recorded via Zoom on Sunday 15 May);
  • THREE bonus videos on relevant concepts from previous webinars
  • a huge INTERACTIVE 2022 VCE Music Performance Workshop 2 Handbook (with concepts, practice strategies, information and practical examples to build the skills you need)
  • presentation notes and Zoom session chat

Suitable for ALL VCE Music Performance Students (and Teachers) and anyone wanting to improve their music performance analysis skills

Purchasing the VCE Music Analysis Resource Pack gives you one copy only. For class set discount, contact info@dsmusic.com.au 

Available online only

$99.00 per resource pack

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When you purchase the VCE Music Analysis Resource Pack, you can access all relevant material until it expires 730 days (2 years) after purchase of the Digital Product Key.

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Join Deb for a step-by-step look at everything you need to succeed in performance analysis!

Based on the analysis textbook Decoding Sound: Music Analysis for the Secondary School, author, educator and musician, Deborah Smith will take you through a range of activities designed to teach you how to tackle music analysis for VCE Music Performance. Suitable for students studying VCE Music Performance (Units 1-4) and their teachers.

With FOUR videos of comprehensive and information packed workshop presentations, detailed handout, comprehensive set of notes from the 2022 DSMusic Workshop 2 held via Zoom on Sunday 15 May and THREE bonus teaching videos, this is a must-have studying resource!

Using the resources available in this Resource Pack, you will learn and improve in the following music analysis areas:

Listening & Interpretation (Analysis)

  • What is an expressive outcome?
  • What is interpretation in performance?
  • How does interpretation relate to the expressive outcome?
  • Understanding and describing the elements of music
  • Comparing the interpretation of expressive elements in different performances
  • Answering and Listening Strategies
  • Vocabulary for Analysis (Word Lists)
  • Approaches for Future Practice
  • How Analysis can help your Performance

In addition, this resource pack includes the following DSMusic resources:

  • Bonus Video 1 – More about the Expressive Outcome
  • Bonus Video 2 – More about Tempo, Dynamics, Articulation and Tone Colour
  • Bonus Video 3 – More about Texture (Balance and Blend), Phrasing, Ornamentation, Embellishment and Improvisation

For even more in depth teaching and learning for analysis, as well as aural and theory, go to the Musicianship and Aural Training for the Secondary School Level 3, Decoding Sound: Analysis for the Secondary Schooland the Music Language Online CoursesAnalysis and Musicianship.

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