Practice Examinations Teacher’s Book and CD 2nd Edition

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This 2nd Edition Teacher’s Book and CD has been created to give upper secondary music students much needed practice in undertaking written examinations covering theory and aural concepts. Based on the content from the VCE Music Performance 2011 to 2016 Study Design this book and CD:

  • Contains 10 aural and written practice examinations, ranging from those suitable for students who have completed only one semester of senior music studies through to examinations which are appropriate for students about to undertake their final examination.
  • Each examination has many types of music theory questions, such as scale, interval and chord writing and recognition.
  • Contains many types of aural comprehension questions such as melodic and rhythmic dictations (several styles) interval, scale, chord and chord progression recognition.
  • Covers all question types found in the VCE Music Performance and Performance Aural and Written examinations
  • Contains all student examinations (with permission to photocopy student pages) and full answers (dictations etc).
  • Has an extensive Teacher Information section with suggestions and approaches to teaching

Accompanying CD contains all dictation tracks.

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ISBN – 978-0-9775597-5-6

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