Lean Forward!

Lean Forward!

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Just a quick post from me today (am in the middle of writing the 2nd Edition of the Level 3 books, CDs etc ready for 2017!)

I came across this action song when my daughter sang it ALL the way home in the car (it’s an hour drive!!!)

I can’t find the source of the song or where it originates from but I did find videos of kids singing and doing the actions and I even found one of Rugby fans doing it to relieve a numb posterior!

Anyway – just thought I’d share because its a LOT of fun!




Lean Forwards

 As you can see the actions pretty much follow the
words all the way through.

Begin sitting down (preferably on chairs).
It will help if you have numbered all the
children either “A” or “B”.

Follow the words until
“now do it backwards and see if it sticks”.
On these words you do the last four actions
in reverse: “click, clap, slap (your knees) stamp”.

Spin and twirl can be the same actions and can just be
a turn in the chair to the left and to the right.

On the words “turn to your partner” you ask the
“A” students to turn to their left and the
“B” students to turn to their right to find their partners.
On the word “clap”
they clap both their partners hands.

Extension actions –
do EVERYTHING in reverse to what the words say.
It is hilarious!


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