Melodies, musicianship & mindfulness.

Melodies, musicianship & mindfulness.

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Top 10 Videos for Aural & Theory Concepts!

We know preparing, practicing and really knowing music aural & theory can be a bit challenging because we don’t really know where to start. To support all the great music-making happening around us, we’ve put together a top 10 list to point you in the right direction.

Learn more in this DSMusic blog article.

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Major Melody 1
in Letter Names

How do you manage learning new notated material?

Sightreading is an ongoing skill that needs attention and intention in music, so why not join me for a quick look at a Major Melody in letter names?

Ways to Practice

How many times do we just throw that pesky “p” word around? Practice, just like everything else we do musically, is a skill that needs deliberate focus and attention, so we’ve popped a list of ideas in this blog article for you! 

Rhythmic Clever Echo

In this FREE practice resource, students are shown a variety of Rhythmic Clever Echo activities designed to foster their ongoing music aural and rhythmic recognition skills.


Music & Mindfulness

Gideon, a professional drum tutor based in London, teaches mindfulness-based stress reduction programs. Music and mindfulness definitely intersect, so have a read of his article and see what you think.

Duke Ellington Quote

Some terrific perspective from a musical legend. How has music taught you to keep trying no matter what?

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Strategies for Reading

This article outlines some practical steps to aid in the process of sightreading. We suggest for step 3: inner hear the rhythm names while tapping the beat, then before step 5: sing the solfa and for step 5: SING the letter names!


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