Top 10 Videos for Music Theory & Aural Concepts

Top 10 Videos for Music Theory & Aural Concepts

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Here at DSMusic, we’re big on all things music language, and building music literacy using Kodály-inspired strategies.

We know that while the fundamentals of what we’re teaching and learning in these spaces hasn’t changed too much, what we’re required to do come exam time often gets tweaked. This is the case for us in Victoria at the moment, where we’re getting stuck into a new VCE Music Study Design.

Sometimes though, these changes can make preparing, practicing and really knowing a bit challenging because we don’t really know where to start. To support all the great music-making happening around us, we’ve put together a top 10 list to point you in the right direction.

DEB’S TOP 10 DSMusic Concept Teaching & Practice Videos

1: Melody & Melodic Transcription.

Mapping melodic contours are the feature of this blog post, but these videos below provide a means for taking that a step further.
Learn about the melodic transcription process and get these capacities happening aurally via a clever echo activity.

2: Introducing Intervals.

Sort your tones from your semitones, your skips from your steps and your mi from your fa!
Learn about what goes into intervals, how to identify them and practice singing some of them through.

3: Getting a sense of scales.

There’s much more to go through (including a Key Signature Sheet freebie!) in this blog post,
but a tour through the three videos below are a great place to start when trying to suss all things scales.
If you’re after specific scales, DSMusic has videos for these so check out the Vimeo & YouTube channels.

4: Chart the course for chords and chord progressions.

When it comes to unpacking triads, chords, progressions and cadences,
DSMusic has everything you need! Start with the building blocks below.

How can DSMusic help?

There is a veritable goldmine of video resources available, across all concepts and points of teaching and learning, so I encourage you to fall down the rabbit hole on the DSMusic Vimeo & YouTube channels!

Happy watching! – Deb


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