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Work with DSMusic to have them create your own Unit 3 SAC for VCE Music Repertoire Performance and/or VCE Music Contemporary Performance!

We know creating resources, content and assessment material for a VCE Music SAC can be time-consuming. There’s lots to consider, and that’s before you’re thinking about the actual teaching and assessing, so we’ve come up with a way for us to collaborate with you to build what you need for your class. You get to choose and present which questions you want to use, or adapt existing material to build a bespoke version for your class that no one else can access!

Note: As we will be creating each individual SAC (including the full Audio for the Music Language section) you won’t immediately receive a final product upon purchase. What you will receive is a very important survey from us. When finished, your Unit 3 SAC will be a DIGITAL only product.

This product is only available for purchase during Term 1 & 2.

Click HERE to see how this will work. Click HERE to learn how to create an account on DSMusic.

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How will we build a bespoke Music SAC together?

We’ll send you an online survey with question/answer options you can select for your Unit 3 SAC. You’ll have some flexibility in a few places to swap out one ‘option’ for another  – say, an easier or harder written interval or chord, or replacing ‘variation’ with ‘contrast’ and selecting your listening & interpretation elements/devices.

After you return your survey submission, DSMusic will assemble your very own unique Unit 3 SAC and have it back to you by an agreed date.  You’ll then receive a draft to proof, before the finalised ready-made files are shared with you.

It’s important to remember that unlike other digital DSMusic products you might have purchased in the past, this final product will not be available in your ‘downloads’ Member Dashboard.


What will the finished Music SAC product include?

The VCE Music Curated SAC (once you’ve built it with DSMusic) will be a FULLY DIGITAL (not print) product, and will include:

  • a printable student Music Language SAC
  • a printable student Listening & Interpretation SAC
  • printable student Practical Demonstration Materials
  • Teacher Information Booklets

The Teacher Information Booklets include:

  • embedded audio links for Listening & Interpretation and one continuous file for Music Language
  • timing suggestions
  • questions and answers
  • curated rhythmic, melodic and chord fragments for your practical demonstration
  • curated practical test
  • sample marking sheet, information & instructions

Your Curated Unit 3 SAC may be copied by the purchasing school for the use of that school’s VCE Music students only.


What about the DSMusic questions?

These digital Unit 3 SAC question & answer banks have been written for the current, 2023-2027 VCE Music Performance Study Design. 

  • They follow the VCAA exam structure, question formats and audio files etc. to give students a final examination experience
  • They contain quality questions based on the VCAA Sample Papers released in February 2023
  • Audio material provided
  • Questions have been written and vetted by an experienced team of authors
  • They also cover a wide variety of question types, including those used on previous Study Designs


What if I’ve got some Listening & Interpretation excerpts I’d really like to use?

We’ve got existing material in this regard, and due to the time it takes to build these SACs, you’ll have to use our excerpts this time round, but feel free to suggest new ones for us to consider for future years’ questions! Remember, we set it all up for you, including timings and multiple playings via the DSMusic website as well as sample observations/answers – so no wrangling with YouTube or Spotify in your classes.


What happens if I want another Music SAC for use the following year?

Each year, we’ll be creating new questions, answers and audio files for your new curated SAC so there’s no worries that your students might have been told what will be in it from the previous years’ cohort! It will mean purchasing the product again but hopefully, after having purchased one, you’ll see the value and never go back to spending hours and hours of your own very valuable time!

Remember though, this product is only available for purchase during Term 1 & 2.


Looking for something ready-made that you can use right now for practice in your classrooms?

For Unit 3&4 – VCE Music Repertoire Performance, click here.
Or for  Unit 3&4 – VCE Music Contemporary Performance, click HERE.
Lastly, for Unit 1&2 Assessment Material, click HERE.



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