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What is the MTDL?


The Music Teacher’s Digital Library (or MTDL) is an ever-evolving and expanding digital resource collection full of music resources and a lesson planning hub – it’s everything you need.

Subscribers can access multiple-level-spanning music resources across a variety of musicianship and performance analysis concept areas to support teaching, learning and really knowing.

Whether you’re after a worksheet, teaching video, Kahoot quiz, assessment template, teaching strategy outline or more, you’ll find it in the MTDL.


How do you use the MTDL?


No more time wasted scouring for what you need! Simply subscribe, search and save away your go-to resources and lesson segments for when you need them.

Saving your faves has never been easier! In the MTDL, all you need to do is ‘find’ the resource you’re after, ‘save’ it in your own editable lesson plan and ‘build’ your teaching blueprint.

Don’t have time to build your own? Simply save one of Deb’s ready-made Master Lesson Plans to use as is or easily adapt for your classroom!

Access audio, video, downloadable PDFs and more, all linked together and aligned with curriculum areas.

The MTDL houses a huge collection of DSMusic resources, including:

>> 100’s of teaching and practice videos for musicianship concepts <<

>> countless songs, canons and games complete with PDF, audio & video <<

>> material to support senior years learning & exam preparation <<

>> listening activities, Kahoot quizzes, worksheets & posters <<

>> curriculum planning, assessing/reporting samples & templates <<

>> comprehensive strategy documents – all the planning has been done for you! <<


Why do we think you’ll love it?


As a music teacher who cares about sequentially teaching music literacy in a meaningful and deep way, the one thing that takes the largest amount of time is planning.

The MTDL is purpose-built to handle planning – from ready-made activities and existing or adaptable lesson plans through to strategies, scope & sequence and curriculum documents.

It’s for all those times you’re in desperate need of a key signature worksheet, or seeking a sequential way to teach semiquavers, or a last-minute fun activity to finish off your Friday afternoon.

Rather than a desk or bookshelf or garage full of resources you’ve discovered and buried away, find the perfect song, game, activity or strategy document to teach music education your way.

Kodály or Kodály -inspired educators will find a treasure trove of outlined strategies and all your materials ready to prepare, present and practice, but don’t worry –
you don’t need to be a Kodály educator to get the most out of this resource collection and lesson planning hub.


How much does the MTDL cost?


There are some limited resources available in the MTDL available free that you can access right now.

However, with a subscription, you get access to every single thing in the MTDL plus all new resources.

MTDL subscribers also get free Teacher registrations for DSMusic events and special offers and discounts throughout the year.

Each subscription offers a complimentary virtual 15-30min session with Deb via Zoom if you need a little more support unlocking everything in the MTDL.

There are two options for subscription access, both of which auto-renew unless you opt out:

>> Monthly Subscription = $29.95 per month <<

> Annual (Introductory) Subscription = $199.95 (save $160 for the year!) & get a 14-day free trial <<

Note: Subscription for the MTDL is paid via credit card or PayPal. Click here to email us a school order number for payment if Credit Card/PayPal are not available to you.



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