Digital Activation Information

NOTE – digital activation should be done in the account of the person who will be USING the product. It does NOT have to be the purchaser’s account.

Digital Access Codes (also called eBook Access Code or Unique Access Number)

Digital Access Codes consist of 8 numbers e.g. 43670003 and currently come with all DSMusic Print Products and some Digital Product Access Cards (e.g. for Decoding Sound).

Digital Access Codes are located in the bottom right corner of the title page of your print book or on the back of an access card under a scratch off panel.

Digital Product Keys

Digital Product Keys consist of 16 numbers and letters  (4 sets of 4) separated by hyphens e.g. 436H-EM45-ZMFP-129G

Digital Product Keys are emailed to the purchaser upon completion of the purchase. Digital Product Keys may also be found at the bottom of the Digital Activation menu in the purchaser’s account on the DSMusic Website under My Purchased Digital Product Keys. This area also shows the purchaser which Digital Product Keys have been activated, which are still available to be assigned and which are expired.

To assign a Digital Product Key to another person (the student or teacher who will be using this product) forward the relevant Digital Product Key to them for activation within their account on the DSMusic website.

Once a Digital Product Key has been activated it cannot be re-assigned.

To re-activate an expired Digital Product Key contact