Creating a School Music Department Account for Multiple Teacher Access

How do we create a School Department Account multiple teachers can access?

Purchasing Digital Products

Purchasing DSMusic products can be done through any account as the digital products themselves are not stored until someone activates the codes that are emailed to that purchaser.

Accessing Digital Products

If several teachers are going to need access to purchased digital resources then we recommend you create a “storage” account on the DSMusic website.
To do this , use a generic, admin type email address – something like (that won’t expire when a specific teacher leaves) – with a generic password that all teachers who need access know (e.g. MUSIC123).

Important Note – whoever receives the emails sent to this storage account email address must remain subscribed to receive emails from DSMusic and will need to forward them onto the music teachers as they often contain important information regarding using products.

If you need further assistance, after reading the steps above and the further information below, please contact us.

I’ve purchased a digital product – how do I activate it?

DSMusic Digital Practice Exams are accessed by activating a Digital Product Key. Digital Product Keys are emailed to the purchaser upon completion of purchase and may also be found in the Digital Activation menu of the purchaser’s DSMusic account under My Purchased Digital Product Keys.

This area also shows the purchaser which Digital Product Keys have been activated and which are still available to be assigned. If the purchaser of the product is also the intended user, follow the steps below:

1. Log into your account on the DSMusic website;

2. Click on “MY ACCOUNT” at the top right of the website home page and then click “DIGITAL ACTIVATION” from the left-hand menu;

3. Enter the Digital Product Key (16 numbers and letters separated by hyphens e.g. 436H-EM45-ZMFP-129G)

4. Click “SUBMIT”

If the purchaser of the product is not the intended user, you should complete the steps above in the user’s account.