Top 10 Videos for Scales & Key Signatures

Top 10 Videos for Scales & Key Signatures

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The aim of the game here at DSMusic is sequential music literacy and really knowing. This means step-by-step teaching and learning of music aural and music theory concepts, followed by the practicing of these in a variety of ways.

Scales and key signatures (tonality) are a vital part of any music literacy approach. They pop up everywhere – whether you’re using them visually when sightreading, aurally recognising them in the senior years or memorising them to play (or write) in exams.

They’re the cornerstone of much of what we do as musicians in performance, creative pursuits and come assessment day, so it’s vital to incorporate them early and often.

Aside from using mnemonics to remember your key signatures, or hours and hours of muscle memory for reeling them off when you need to, how can we practice and really know our scales?

To give you a bit of a starting point, here are 10 videos that combine teaching, learning and the application of all that — theory into practice.

DEB’S TOP 10 DSMusic Scales & Key Signatures Teaching & Practice Videos

1: Start with the basics.

Try beginning with the concept of key signatures – why we use
them and what they tell us, before tackling finding tonalities visually and aurally.

2: It’s all relative!

Explore two basic scales forms – Major and natural minor – and discover
how these work and how they’re related.

3: Let’s get singing scales & practicing them!

Now that we’ve got a few videos under our belt, it’s time to use
sing through some different scales to build our aural awareness.

How can DSMusic help?

If these ten videos aren’t quite enough to cover your
scales & key signature-related needs, remember there’s a bunch
more available for free, so carve out some time to deep-dive
on the DSMusic Vimeo & YouTube channels!

Happy watching! – Deb


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