Top 10 Videos for Chords, Chord Progressions & Cadences

Top 10 Videos for Chords, Chord Progressions & Cadences

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Here at DSMusic, we understand that a lot of what we teach and learn in the music aural and theory space is connected.

While this often means we can practice several musical concepts within the same activity, it can also make step one a little daunting. Concept-wise — chords, chord progressions and cadences definitely fit into this category.

You can’t really get good at aurally identifying cadences unless you understand what they are, why they are there and how they work.

Similarly, how do you track the way harmonic patterns shift if the building blocks of chords and triads are still a little fuzzy for you?

To give you a bit of a starting point, here’s 10 videos that combine teaching, learning and the application of all that — theory into practice.

DEB’S TOP 10 DSMusic Chords, Progressions & Cadences Teaching & Practice Videos

1: Start with the basics.

Try beginning with the concepts of triads (both Major and minor),
with a few primary chords as a focus area. Then treat yourself to a
handy overview of the main types of cadence.

2: It’s all about that bassline.

Next up, let’s fine-tune that musical ear of ours by listening for,
singing and recognising the bassline in these progressions.

3: Time to transcribe.

We’ve learned, heard and sung, so now let’s take the next step
and work out how we note down what we’re hearing, perfect
for chord progression questions on tests and learning that new
favourite song of yours by ear.

4: Let’s get creative with practice!

Now that we’ve got a few videos under our belt, it’s time to use
the skills we’re building and strengthen them, to make sure we
really know chords, chord progressions and cadences!

How can DSMusic help?

If these ten videos aren’t quite enough to cover your
chord-related needs, remember there’s a bunch more
available for free, so carve out some time to deep-dive
on the DSMusic Vimeo & YouTube channels!

Happy watching! – Deb


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