Tackling tonality, beat and ways to practice!

Tackling tonality, beat and ways to practice!

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tonality & key signatures

It’s Key Signatures & Tonality Time!

What lies at the heart of tackling tonality? That’s right—it’s key signatures.

Join Deb as she unpacks a FREE resource that brings together everything you need where key signatures, transposition and tonality are concerned.

Learn more in this DSMusic blog article.

Check out some resources and content you might have missed around the DSMusic space recently.


L1, Lesson 1: Beat

This free video tutorial provides an overview of beat. Students learn to differentiate between beat and rhythm.

This suits all students as a great introduction to key fundamentals of music.

Ways to Practice

How many times do we just throw that pesky “p” word around? Practice, just like everything else we do musically, is a skill that needs deliberate focus and attention, so we’ve popped a list of ideas in this blog article for you!

Simple Time Rhythm 3

Seeking ways to solidify semiquavers and sight reading rhythms in Simple Time?

Join Deb for a snappy practice activity that’ll get you clapping, tapping, clicking & conducting!


Music & Ancient Greece

Fascinating! So many links between music and other disciplines/aspects of self!

Hilary Rodman Clinton Quote

We agree! When have you witnessed such a spark in your context? Where did your passion for music come from?

We’d love to hear from you!

Music, not Coding?

In this article, further discussion of the neurological benefits of music takes place, building on a fascinating MIT study.


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