Mapping melody, creating character and why we need music.

Mapping melody, creating character and why we need music.

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Map your way through melody!

To give you a starting point we’ve popped together 3 FREE activities for mapping melodic contour in your classroom. Plus, while you’re at it, find out what melody and melodic contour has to do with creating musical character and mood!

Learn more in this DSMusic blog article.

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Level 1 Kahoot Quiz

This FREE DSMusic kahoot quiz uses MAAT Level 1, Lesson 3 Video: Metre.

Learn a little bit about metre before tackling the topic of time signatures.

Inner Hearing/Audiation

Ever heard those stories about Beethoven being deaf but still able to crank out some classical magic?

Find out his secret (and the key to unlock its magic for yourself) — inner hearing

Mini-Analysis (Texture)

Wondering how balance, blend and texture can take it’s toll on overall mood?

Join me (and Billie!) for a brief look at how the way things sound independently and together can impact the way a piece of music makes us feel.


Music & Repetition

Fascinating insights into music and the way we (or our musical minds) work!

Kodály Quote

What are your favourite Kodaly-inspired resources or teaching elements?

We’d love to hear from you!

Why We Need Music

This opinion piece from the US highlights the ways in which COVID helped school communities recognise how important and vital music education is for student wellbeing.


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