Deborah Smith Music Video Tutorials are now online!
A series of teaching videos (for teachers and/or students) is being developed to accompany the "Musicianship & Aural Training for the Secondary School" series of books and CDs.

Each video teaches a musical concept from one of the books.

For example, for the 1st Lesson in the Level 1 books there are the following three videos:



These videos are a great resource for both experienced and beginning


  • Use them to teach the concept to your class then practice the concepts as a class (while you can actually drink a HOT cup of coffee!)
  • Students can watch the videos to catch up if they are absent
  • Students can watch them as a homework task
  • Use the videos to revise your teaching of a particular concept
  • CRT teachers can use them when you miss a lesson

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More Videos are being uploaded every week but if there is something you would like please let Deborah know.

General Teaching Videos
Level 1 Teaching Videos
Level 2 Teaching Videos
Level 3 Teaching Videos
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