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completely rewritten 2nd edition!

These books (student and teacher editions and CDs for Dictations) have been written to provide a broad, thorough and sequential music curriculum for students in middle secondary (Years 9 and 10 or elective music students) and have also been used to provide students beginning senior music with a concise and thorough overview of music theory and aural comprehension.

These books are the ideal introductory course for preparing students for senior level music studies.

The Student book is:

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The Teacher book:

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The CDs for Dictation:

The CDs for Dictation (Set of 3) contain all the dictation material found in these text books.

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Book Contents


Level 2 Teacher - Sample contents page
level 2 - Contents
Level 2 - Contents
Level 2 - Contents
Level 2 - Contents

Teacher Information

Teacher Lesson Plans

Section 1 – Preparation Lessons

13 two or four page written lessons covering all the melodic and rhythmic concepts taught in Level 1.

Section 2 – Lessons

48 two page written lessons each with a rhythmic, melodic or harmonic focus. These lessons cover musical concepts from beat, pitch and rhythm through to Major and minor scales, harmony and analysis tasks. Also included in each lesson are theory and aural dictation exercises arranged in a sequential order of level of difficulty.

Chord progression sample

Chord Progression

Audio sample: Chord Progression

Rhythmic dictation sample

Rhythmic Dictation

Audio sample: Rhythmic dictation

Melodic dictation sample

Melodic Dictation

Audio sample: Melodic dictation

Section 3 – Revision Lessons

10 revision lessons – 1 for every five lessons (suitable for informal assessment such as homework or formal assessment).

Teacher InformationThe Appendices are designed to support the above main sections.
The NEW Online Resources for Level 2 Teachers (available January 2013) will include:

  • All Song, Canon and Game material referred to in the Student and Teacher Books
  • Creative and Research Assignments
  • Assignment sheets (1 per term) dealing with creative and research tasks, including suggested extension activities for students with advanced musical knowledge
  • Written and aural tests (1 per semester) suitable for formal assessment purposes if required
  • All IWB (Interactive Whiteboard)/Sibelius activities referred to in the Teacher Book will be set up as worksheets here to save you valuable time and effort preparing these for each lesson
  • curriculum documents for planning and reporting, videos of games, practice activities, lesson segments, instrumental activities etc.
  • Think of something else you’d like here – let Deborah know!