Semiquaver Strategy: Present

Semiquaver Strategy: Present

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Objective: Students will learn the rhythmic duration name for semiquavers and imitate the teacher in performing this.



  1. Students keep a beat in feet and clap rhythm. They deduce the song title.
  2. Teacher revises the meaning of rhythm symbols by pointing to each and asking, how many beats and how many sounds?
    A: one sound, two equal sounds, no sound and four equal sounds on a beat


  1. The Teacher explains that when we see four even sounds on one beat, we say “tika tika”.
  2. Students keep beat on their lap as the teacher sings the song in rhythm names.
  3. Students imitate.
  4. The teacher tells the students the music names for this new rhythm (semiquavers and sixteenth notes. This may be a good time to explain the mathematical origins of the whole note/quarter note etc).


  1. Students isolate the new sound by inner hearing the semiquavers then inner hearing everything except the semiquavers while singing the rhythm.

Click here for above written out as focus activity.

Click here for video of above activity.



The above “Present” segment should be repeated using different repertoire, preferably in the next music lesson.


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