Webinar No 15: Aural – Practice Exam Run Through – Section B


DSMusic 2020 VCE Music Performance Webinar Series – the Final Countdown!

No 15: Aural – Practice Exam Run Through – Section B

For ALL VCE Music Performance Students (and Teachers)

Learning is not knowing! In the last three DSMusic webinars of 2020, put into practice the skills and concepts built in the previous sessions. This is the perfect opportunity to sit each section of a Practice VCAA Unit 4 “Aural & Written Examination” live with author, educator and musician, Deborah Smith.

Using a BRAND NEW, 2020 Unit 4 Practice Exam written specially for these webinars, Deb will take you through every Section B (Aural) question. In real time (live), Deb will work through each question, showing her complete answering process and offering tips and tricks along the way on how to get the best mark possible in the limited time available.

Attendees will get a chance to put their skills into action alongside Deb, aurally recognising and identifying triads/chords, intervals, scales and tonality as well as refining their rhythmic, melodic and chord progression transcriptions. This will give them a step-by-step overview of the answering process along with approaches for future practice, getting them exam ready and consolidating their aural skills.

As this No 15: Aural – Practice Exam Run Through – Section B webinar will be a run through of Section B (Aural) from the 2020 Unit 4 Practice Exam, the knowledge and concepts required for these questions will NOT be taught in the session. Instead, this will be a chance to apply aural skills and knowledge, refine question-answering techniques and revise.
Previous DSMusic 2020 webinars have covered all the knowledge, concepts and skills required and are available for purchase and review here.

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Ticket Price is $7.95 per attendee.

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Online Via Zoom

Ticket Price:  $7.95 per attendee.

This includes:

  • a 60+ minute presentation on Monday 9 November, 2020 beginning at 7.30 pm;
  • Q & A time following the presentation;
  • A downloadable, printable handout PDF PLUS a PDF of Section B from the BRAND NEW, 2020 Unit 4 Practice Exam ;
  • Automatic access to the relevant Replay & Resources product (following the conclusion of the webinar itself) which includes the video recording of the Presentation/Lecture section of the Webinar; all Q&As  as a downloadable PDF; the handout, Section B from the BRAND NEW, 2020 Unit 4 Practice Exam and any other relevant links and documents.
    This will be available for you to access until after the 2020 VCE “Aural & Written Examination” on 27 November 2020.

Bookings close on Monday 9 November 2020 at 6.30 pm or when sold out.

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Start date: July 20, 2020

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