Limited Edition Print Version of the Music Analysis Teacher Book (3rd Ed.)


Music Analysis: Listening Beyond Hearing, 3rd Edition

A new print edition of the Teacher Book for the analysis of music by Jenny Gillan

Published by Deborah Smith Music

Books Include:

    • Sections on MelodyRhythmTone ColourTextureBlend & Balance of Instrumental Voices and Dynamics;
    • New to the 3rd edition, sections on HarmonyForm, Comparison of styles and Articulation;
    • Diverse musical examples, including Australian works;
    • Sample analyses;
    • Practice examination questions;
    • Glossary of terminology and definitions;
    • Activities to develop listening skills;
    • Mnemonic aids for remembering musical elements;
    • Compositions demonstrating different techniques of harmony and texture;
    • Links to appropriate recordings.

This print copy also includes a free download link to the eBook of the same name.

About the author:

Jenny currently teaches at the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School. She studied at the University of Queensland (Master of Music Studies) and at the Kodály Institute, Hungary. Jenny has taught at the Melbourne University and the Melba Conservatorium. She is a regular presenter at conferences and workshops in the field of the development of aural and analysis skills.

ISBN – 978-0-6480793-0-9

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