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2021 VCE Music Performance Workshop 2: Aural & Written Exam Prep Resource Pack


This 2021 VCE Music Performance Workshop 2: Aural & Written Exam Prep Resource Pack gives immediate access to:

  • the video recordings of the Presentation/Lecture of the workshop divided up into the sections of the exam itself (Listening & Interpretation – Analysis, Aural and Theory) for ease of use (recorded “Live on Zoom” on Sunday 29th August);
  • a huge Workshop Handbook (with strategies, information and practical examples to get you exam ready)
  • a specially-designed 2021 DSMusic Practice Exam
  • all chat questions and comments from the workshop itself
  • the answers to the 2021 DSMusic Practice Exam and
  • all notes taken during the workshop.

These will be available on demand, until midnight 31 December 2021.

Suitable for ALL VCE Music Performance Students (and Teachers)

Purchasing the VCE Music Performance Workshop 2 Aural & Written Exam Preparation Resource Pack gives you one copy only. For class set options, contact info@dsmusic.com.au 

Available online only

$100.00 per resource pack

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Cost: Price is $100 per Resource Pack copy.

Join Deb for a step-by-step look at exam requirements and strategies for success!

Work through each Section of the Aural & Written Exam – what you need to know, how to approach question-answering processes and useful tips for refining your skills. Then, apply what you’ve learned in these overviews and observe Deb’s exam workings in real time as you do run-throughs with her.

With a comprehensive handbook, 2021 practice exam and sample answers, presentation notes and video recordings, this is your must have studying resource!

This Workshop focused on exam preparation – no content was taught in this sessions – so for more supporting material, see Musicianship and Aural Training for the Secondary School Level 3, Decoding Sound: Analysis for the Secondary School and the brand new Music Language Online Courses – Analysis and Musicianship. 

Using the resources available in this Resource Pack, you will learn:


• Vocabulary for analysing the elements of music
• Interpretation and its effect on the expressive outcome
• Comparison of interpretation questions and techniques
• Listening strategies


• Key knowledge & skills for every question type
• Developing a personal approach
• How to really listen and what to listen for

Exam Strategies for Success

• Terms & Requirements
• Understanding the question
• The answering process
• Practice Questions
• Future practice ideas

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