10 Weeks of Solfa Week 2

10 Weeks of Solfa Week 2

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10 Weeks of Solfa Program: WEEK 2

Scales and Modes

Sing the melodic minor scale in solfa with handsigns 3 times 



and in 3 different keys in solfa with handsigns and in letter names 


Melodic Dictation

1 melodic minor melody each day– in solfa with handsigns 3 times and in 3 x different keys with letter names:

  • melodic minor melody 1 
  • melodic minor melody 2 
  • melodic minor melody 3 

Triads found in a harmonic minor scale 

Major, minor, diminished and Augmented


Harmonic minor Triad Chord chart

In solfa with handsigns x 3 times 


Read 1 simple time rhythm


and one compound time rhythm


in time names per day (3 of each given)

Optional activity – Video of yourself singing (in solfa with handsigns) the melodic minor scale and email to Deb

Week 2 – Daily Plan Document 

Week 2 – Checklist/Evaluation Form


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