Post with a Difference!

Post with a Difference!

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Hi and welcome to the “Post with a Difference“.

This week’s post takes the form of a video I came up with to show teachers the HUGE number of resources that are available on the DSMusic website.

In particular, this video focuses on the Level 1 Digital Resources (Lower Secondary/High School – Years 7 & 8) however all the Levels have their own Digital Resource sections with literally HUNDREDS of resources that are completely FREE once you own the book. (Don’t despair if you don’t own the books though – all the videos are available on the dsmusicianship YouTube channel and many of the worksheets etc are available in the free resources section of the website. If you do like the books and resources though, please help support what I do and put the student books on your booklist!)




  • A video for teaching EVERY concept in EVERY book (Level 3 completed now – see Level 3 Digital Resources, Level 1 to be completed by the end of 2015, Level 2 by the end of 2016);
  • a downloadable PDF of all books owned for use on IWB, laptop, iPad, tablet computers etc;
  • all song, canon & game material referred to in the texts;IWB screen
  • assignment task/example and assessment sheets;
  • written & aural examinations;
  • additional puzzles & worksheets;
  • website links for all listening activities;
  • all files required for the Interactive Whiteboard/notation activities (Levels 1 & 2);
  • curriculum planning documents (all lesson plans can be found in the teacher book (Level 1 & 2);
  • reporting & assessment documents;
  • access to free online support from the author and much more.


For further ideas and resources or to purchase the books go to

To request resources not on the DSMusic website, please email Deb at

All books


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